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Dental Equipment

Dental Treatments

Intraoral Camera Checkup
कॅमेराद्वारे तपासणी 

Experience thorough oral assessments with our state-of-the-art intraoral camera technology for precise diagnostics and personalized care at its finest.

Root Canal Treatment
रुट कॅनल ट्रिटमेंट

Root Canal Treatment: Endodontic procedure to treat infected tooth pulp, relieving pain and preserving the natural tooth structure for longevity.

Pediatric Dentistry
बाल दंतरोग उपचार

Pediatric Dentistry specializes in oral health for children, ensuring gentle care, preventive measures, and a positive dental experience.


Expert removal of third molars, ensuring painless extraction and optimal oral health at Dr. Shrddha Yogesh Gamne's clinic

Dental X-Ray
दातांचा एक्स-रे 

Dental X-rays capture detailed images of teeth and surrounding structures, aiding in diagnosis and treatment planning for comprehensive oral care.

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Orthodontic Treatment
वेडेवाकडे दात सरळ करणे

Transform your smile with Orthodontic Treatment: straighten teeth, correct bite issues, and enhance oral health for a confident, radiant you.


Complete Dentures: Custom-made prosthetics for full teeth replacement, restoring function and aesthetics for a confident smile.


Dental implants: Permanent, natural-looking tooth replacements, restoring function and aesthetics for a confident and radiant smile.


Placing metal / ceramic caps on teeth:

 दातांवर मेटल / सिरॅमिक कॅप बसविणे

Maximum emphasis on saving a teeth:

 नैसर्गिक दात वाचविण्यावर अधिकतम भर

Repairing broken / decayed teeth:   तुटलेल्या / किडलेल्या दातांना पूर्ववत करणे

Teeth cleaning by ultrasonic machine:

अल्ट्रासॉनिक मशिनद्वारे दात साफ करणे

State-of-the-art disinfection facilities:

 अत्याधुनिक निर्जंतुकीकरण सुविधा

Counseling on maintaining oral health:

तोंडाचे आरोग्य जपण्याविषयी समुपदेशन

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